Tom Waits Goes Organic

Tom Waits Goes Organic 
The goin is slow and sticky as molasses.                                  Chinamen and Mexicans,               who play soccer with Moroccans, flood the trees and shake the branches.                                         While Americans are elsewhere,    drowning in fructose;                            a competition in whose heart can explode the fastest.


The ones that got some give to ‘em.   have already been claimed by the varmints,                                                if you don’t display some patience It’ll taste like cobblestones in your cobbler,                                              with cue balls instead of peaches.


Park on grass instead of gravel,       the aisles are all green,                    and while you shop,                        taste while you stock,                          so at least a few are free.                    It’s not convenient truckin’.             and coupons are a waste,          against the breeze, put your mind at ease,                                                      but don’t tell nobody ‘bout this place.


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